G92/G10/M585 for setting Head Position (not machine position)

  • I was reading the documentation for G92 here:

    It sounds like it sets the "machine position," but not the position of the active tool.

    I would like to move a specific tool to a known position on the stage and type G# X# Y# so that the firmware knows that that tool is at that particular coordinate at that moment. Then I'd repeat for the other tool heads - moving them to the same position and typing the exact same G#X#Y# command. Its a way of roughly setting the tool XY offsets by moving the tool head to a known marked position on the stage, then typing G# X# Y#.

    Is there a way to do that with G92? Or with G10? Or M585?

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    Not currently. The nearest thing available is G10 L20, but that sets the workplace coordinate offset, not the tool offset.

    Do you have a particular reason for wanting to set the tool offsets in this way?

  • @dc42 I'm experimenting with different tools that require different mounts and each time I take the tool off and screw a new one on, the position is a millimeter or so off of the expected position (in both X and Y). So I just want a quick way to set the offset in the manner I described. I think it would be easier than entering G10 for each tool (which could take a while if I've loaded 5 tools).

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    Thanks, that makes sense. I'll add this to the firmware wish list, possibly for inclusion in firmware 2.02.


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