DWC connection problem

  • Good morning, everyone,

    I have a small problem when connecting my card to the network. until today, all of this went well and I had access to Duet Web Control, but now I arrive on a page called Zebra
    To connect, I enter the IP address in the search bar of my browser.
    Like this one :

    Can someone help me?
    PS: if you want I can translate the links for you
    Thank you in advance

    My Firmware version:

  • Looks like a IP address conflict. Do you have a Zebra printer on your network?

  • Thanks for your answer

    yes it is possible, you think that the IP address of the ZEBRA machine is the same as the DUET ethernet?

  • You were right, someone connected a zebra printer and his IP address was the same as the Duet Ethernet address, I changed the address and now everything works again.

    Thank you very much

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