How works M81

  • I do not know how the gcode works (M81), I'm interested in its use ...

    The case is as follows:

    "Many times I leave the printer doing a piece, and I leave home. The impression lasts (for example 3h), but I do not return until much later, about 10h .... I would like to use the gcode (M81), so that the printer will be printed once it has finished printing .... "

    It is assumed that the gcode (M81) should stop the printer ... but I do not know its effects, because in tests that I have done, after sending the gcode (M81), I can continue accessing the printer by the DWC, and the printer responds to moving commands, such as Home ...

    How does the gcode (M81) and its brother (M80) work ...

    Thank you

  • administrators

    M80 activates the PS_ON output from the Duet, and M81 de-activates it. This signal can be used to control a PSU with a remote on/off input (such as an ATX PSU), or a solid state or mechanical relay that controls the AC input to the PSU.

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