Clarify Documentation for G-Code G0 & G1 S2/S3 Parameter

  • There is no place in the documentation of G0 & G1 that states exactly what S2 and S3 parameters do. There is a note which talks about a delta but nothing else. I think that could be improved.

    I don't feel confident to edit the page myself (it seems possible for me to edit the page but I rather not, at least before receiving more opinions for the change).

  • Added table after notes in G0 / G1.

    See if that clarifies...

  • The table is nice way to put that information, I think it's fine!

    I think S2 does a move ignoring endstops and without being homed. The way it's there now S2 seems equal to S0 on cartesians. Is that right?

    Thank you for the editting!

  • administrators

    Yes on a Cartesian S2 behaves like S0 except that it doesn't mind if the printer hasn't been homed.

  • Moderator

    I have further edited the documentation. I fixed some copy-and-paste errors and added the information about S2 also ignoring homing status. Also I clarified that any user of 2.02 can use Hnnn but Laser Mode users are required to do so.

    I still don't find this very intuitive or easy to understand but right now I have no idea on how to further improve it.

  • Thanks for the input and edits!! That's the exact spirit of a Wiki, and I was hoping that adding the table would get "other sets of eyes" to make things even better.

    Great community.

  • @wilriker and @Danal Thank you!! It's much better now. I think the most important missing piece was the "ignore homing" part of S2, which is there now. Thank you again.

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