Babystepping for multiple independent z axes

  • I have a U and V axis for a 2nd and 3rd extruder which move independently. How can I implement baby stepping for these other 2 axes?

  • I've implemented baby stepping for Z U and V a different way than is normally done. I have custom buttons and a custom g-code for them. It works perfectly when not printing. That is, it moves the axis the desired amount up or down without changing the axis position value (as seen in DWC).

    But because it uses movebuffer.coords[], the axis does not move immediately when my baby step button is pressed - it waits at least a couple of moves.

    Is there anyone out there familiar with the gcode buffer and movebuffer.coords who knows how to make the move happen immediately (or after the current move is finished), instead of later?

  • I think I read that macros are carried out immediately. Maybe I should make the panel due button run a macro instead of sending g-code.

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