Duet WiFi - Prints occassionally just stop

  • Running Duet WiFi, firmware is 1.21 across the board - (Firmware version is 2018-03-21). I've been running this configuration, unchanged since shortly after 1.21 and/or the first revision, came out.

    I've printed over two hundred jobs of various sizes and configurations on this configuration with little or no changes. I've had two instances where a print will just stop. I'm not there when it does, but I come back to the head sitting still over the print, partially completed.

    Does anyone have any similar experiences or recommendations on how I might debug this? The most recent one just happened when I checked in from work (camera is separate from the Duet configuration). When I try to log in, it appears that at least the webserver portion of Duet isn't accessible. I've had that problem from time to time, but the prints would still complete.

    Accessing the duet board via usb will be difficult this time, due to the case covering the USB port, but I'll try to fix that going forward.

    Are there any standard error logs that might get generated or something I can turn on going forward? I have general logging (for print job stats) enabled, but haven't seen anything except start up and print job logging in it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do tend to keep my Duet up for 1 or 2 days at a time, printing all the time - in this case, the last reboot was about 40 hours before the "stop". Looking at event log, I don't see any error messages prior to the "stop".

    Just came back to the print, bed and extruder was heated to temp, and DWC was non responsive. The head was sitting over top of the print. I power cycled the Duet and reset temp. A homing action completed as normal. No apparent mechanical issues.

    Looking at the event log, looks like Duet has been up for around 40 hours since the last power up.

  • @webdad The only other data points that I can think of are:

    • Both instances when the printer stopped were on the same set of sliced models

    • The print job is composed of 4 separate pieces, it was sliced with S3D 4.1, and the resulting .gcode file is approx. 6.5 MB.

    • The first time I had this print stop, I thought the sliced file might have been at fault (but I had printed that exact same file many times). After the first stop, I resliced the 4 model configuration and started using the new file. The V2 of that file is what failed today.

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    @webdad can you post that file?

  • Here is a dropbox link - DB-DI-Cards Set-x2

    Let me know if this doesn't work for some reason.


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    I suspect a problem reading from the SD card. Please upgrade to firmware 2.02RC2 because over recent firmware versions I've improved the diagnostics and error handling (including retrying) when SD card read or write errors occur.

  • @dc42 Thanks! I've had that on the to-do list for a while. Given where I'm at with regards to firmware, is there anything special I need to do or be aware of with the jump to 2.02 with respect to how the upgrade plays out?

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    @webdad just be sure to read all the release notes.

  • If there is the potential that the SD card is having or on the way to having issues, would it be better just to build a new SD card and copy config files over from the old card? It didn't seem difficult to create a fresh card when I build the DBot a year ago.

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    @webdad you can make a copy of the contents of the card if it's still readable and then do a complete wipe of the card with the SD association formatter tool. If there really are problems with it it may report it. Or it may be enough to solve your problem and the card will be fine. There's usually enough spare cells to remap to on the card to remain usable for quite a while.

  • @phaedrux Thanks! One simple question that I just wanted to confirm. Is the microSD card just a simple storage area, or does the card have a boot sector that I need to be aware of? In looking at the online doc about the SD card, it just mentions sizing and structure, so I'm thinking that it is just a simple storage area.

    I can't recall if I did anything special with dumping a bootable image to the card when I first did my build.

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    Simple storage. The firmware gets flashed onto the board itself. The firmware bin file on the card isn't used after that.

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