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    i am using these endstops for my newly upgraded printer and i am very new on duet and whole thing. i just cant home my axes, while working on it i realized something odd.
    When i press endstops with my finger, LEDs on DUET lights without problem but on machine properties tab on web interface, X and X endstops are always on NO whether i press them or not, and z endstop is NO when i press it (LEDs light) and YES when i dont press.

    2.02beta1(RTOS) (2018-08-12b5) this is duet firmware ver. and config file.0_1537656605253_config.g

    what might be the problem ? thank you in advance.

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    Have you seen this?

    Have you tried changing M574 from S2 to S1?

  • @phaedrux thank you very much, with M574, they are now responding. But they are on YES, when i am not pressing, and NO when i am pressing. Is that normal ?

    on that article, my endstops are, i am guessing, called microswitch and it says;
    "This applies to a bare microswitch, not to a microswitch on a board with a LED. Connect the switch between GND and STP (the outer 2 pins of the 3-pin connector). Note: this is not the same as on RAMPS."

    Outer 2 pins ? i was using these endstops for 7 years with same wiring as in picture with melziboard. should i rewire them to outer 2 pins ?

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    The "outer 2 pins" refers to the connector at the Duet end. At the microswitch end, you can use either the NC contacts (which are usually the outer 2 of the 3 lugs on the microswitch) or the NO contacts, but you need to set up the M574 command according to which you use: S1 for the NC contacts, or S0 for the NO contacts. We generally recommend the NC contacts, so that a disconnected microswitch looks like a triggered microswitch.

  • @dc42 , @Phaedrux Oh, i understand now and S0 on M574 solved all my problems. Thank you both for your interest.

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