Duet Web Control won't respond.

  • Hey Duet Community,

    I have a problem with Duet Web Control. When I start to heat my seven heater elements everything is fine. But after a period of time I want to change the tool from standby to active / active to standby or want to extrude material the Duet Web Control won't resopond anymore. So I have to restart the Duet, but when I use a dynamic IP I have to search for a new one..

    Could this be a problem with the internet connection or IP adress. I tried both, a static and a dynamic IP, but the Duet Web Control doesn't respond to both at some point.
    Does someone has an idea what the problem could be?


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    Which Duet are you using?

  • The Duet Ethernet and Duex 5

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    Please can you connect a PC running YAT or Pronterface etc. to the Duet via USB. When you lose the connection, run these two commands from the PC:


    The first should tell you whether you are connected or not and what the IP address is. The second will produce a diagnostic report.

    Most routers can be instructed to always allocate the same IP address to a particular device when it connects.

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