My approach to the Housing for Duet3D Laser Filament Monitor

  • First, this approach is a hypothesis! I am not sure about the aperture or if this will help to increase the sampling and speed sensibility!

    alt text

    I used the datasheet as reference, based at the 1,275 cpi at 1mm. I calculated the size of the pixel based on the 3.5mm of the chip (I know.... the sensor and laser are smaller, etc... but just to make things easier) and calculated the size of the footprint at 30mm. This rendered approximately 120 degrees of aperture.

    Using as reference the 9mm distance from the filament and opening the area only to the length of the filament, and a little to the perpendicular, i think it can increase the sensibility and give a better response to fast movements than that very tiny small window of the reference housing. Avoiding scattering of the laser will be achieved by a light sanding of the internal surfaces.


    sensor view

    The casing is designed to with Z heights that are both 0.3mm and 0.2mm compatible.


    Another hypothesis I would like to test and compare is using 0.15mm and 0.1mm as I fell that higher Z definition will help the reduce the "shineness" of the printed part.

  • I like this version. I'm going to print one up for my own testing.

    Thank you

  • @timcurtis67 Thanks! Let me know if you have any issues with slicing, printing and/or assembling it.

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    @brunofporto I will need to modify this just a tiny bit to be compatible with my sensor housing holder but then I will also try it out. I already have been toying around with various housings so far as I do not have many different filaments in the first place.

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