I broke my DUET. Is there anything you can do with it now?

  • Title says it all. I broke it.
    I touched the back of the board with an active 24V wire. The only function the board still has: When I power it via USB, the 2 LEDs for 5V light up.
    What to do with it now? I don't want to throw money at it to get it repaired (unless it is <50€ in total). But can someone do something with it? Salvaging parts or stuff? I am willing to ship it worldwide for 6,20€.

  • Well if you killed the MCU but everything else is alive... You could replace the MCU? I cant remember the atmel model off the top of my head right now... But you can get them pretty cheap from Ali, try hot air desoldering it, and replace the chip. Flash new firmware on and fingers crossed it should work.... You possibly might have killed the ESP as well, but again thats off the shelf parts you could find and replace...

    Its no guarantee it would work, but the parts are cheap enough that its worth a try rather than just having a dead board.

    There might be one or two other components that might have burnt out but I dont know the board design well enough to say... im sure one of the devs will be able to chip in and help, once they recovered from TCT 🙂

  • @skimmy I would like to have it 🙂 I have friends with smd soldering station and stuff and could try to fix it.

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