Software "addons" in Duet?

  • Does Duet support software "addons", similar to the plugin mechanism in OctoPrint? If so, what's the link to the document on how to create a new addon? If not, is there a plan to add it any time soon?

    I'm creating a 3D printer management solution in the cloud. And I'd like the ability to integrate with Duet in addition to OctoPrint. The ability I'm looking for is to have an addon running inside Duet (wifi or ethernet) that has the ability to reach out to the cloud to send data, as well as to pull commands.

    I have searched in all the documents but couldn't find any related info. But my apology if I missed anything.

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    @kenneth there currently is no plugin framework, but the DWC is open source so you could potentially modify it directly.

  • @phaedrux Got it! Thank you so much for your prompt response!

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