Single firmware "package"

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    I think it would be helpful for some people to be able to upload a zip or similar package with all the firmware binaries in. this can then be uploaded by the user as one file knowing the subsequent firmware upload will update all firmware to a compatible set. I realise this will take longer than the current system so I don't see it as a replacement, rather a supplement to make it less likely that users will end up with a firmware/webserver/DWC mix that are not compatible and have to revert to USB to fix it.

    With the addition of hash checking this would also simplify an OTA firmware upgrade process if we wanted to offer that in the future.

  • I agree.

    An optional streamlined update process would also be greatly appreciated. DWC could download the latest software and upload it to Duet in one fell swoop. That could probably be implemented without any changes to the firmware.

  • +1 for OTA updates (and possibly the ability to downgrade OTA as well for testing purposes).

  • OTA updates would be great. I wouldn't put this high on my list however.


  • OTA would be great, but I agree with Jeff. It's not really a deal breaker.

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    Yes OTA is not high on the priority list and actually I would want to have a robust hash checking, URL verification etc put in place before that, something I need to read up more about.

    Being able to send a compatible bundle of firmware all as one file, with upgrade (or downgrade) happening in the right order would have helped a few people who have got the webserver/firmware/DWC out of sync in the past though so that is slightly higher priority.

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