Simplify3D settings

  • Just wanted to see if any of you were using Simplify3D with your duet/duet wifi. Wanted to know if there's any specific settings I should keep in mind.
    I had repetier on my RAMPS board and repetier refused to accept my retraction settings- was pretty difficult to get the prints correct. Figured I'd ask before jumping in.


  • I'm using simplify 3d but only as a slicer not a controller. What kind of hot end / extruder set up are you running? That will make a big difference for settings.

  • E3D v6 heatbrake with volcano with a 0.8mm nozle now- I had a regular 0.4 clone before (The volcano has been awesome!). Definitely not intending to use it as a controller, just not sure of the work flow with my Duet board.

  • I'm using S3D as well, the only setting I made sure of was to check Relative extrusion distances under the G-code tab. If you use the setup wizard in S3D for a reprap/marlin printer you should be good. I have Marlin emulation set in my config.g as well.

    M555 P2 ; Set output to look like Marlin


  • Thanks Jeff!

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