Panel Due Not Working 7i Integrated Bricked ?

  • Hi
    i own 2 DuetWifi and an 5" panel and an 7i , the 5 works the 7 doesn't.
    I tried to follow the reload firmware description But neither on Mac or Win 7 Pc i get some life sign of the serial connector. So i can't do anything right ?
    Maybe someone direct me how to proceed because my Hevo 300x300 should get an 7i right not an small 5" screen ;)-
    It is not urgent i am still in the process of calibrating ,..

  • administrators

    Connect the USB port of the 7i to the Windows PC, with the other PanelDue connectors not connected to anything, and press the Erase button when it is powered up. Open Device Manager on the PC, expand Ports (COM & LPT), and you should see the Bossa Port indicating that the 7i is ready to be programmed. If you don't, try pressing the Reset button on the 7i, also try a different USB port and a different USB cable, and pressing Erase again. If you still can't get the Bossa port to appear, ask your supplier to replace the 7i.

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