Olsson Ruby and Smart effector

  • I have been successfully using standard brass nozzle in E3D V6 hotend for some time and was happy. Now I am going to try some of advanced filament like CF filled nylon. They are abrasive so more hard nozzle is the must. I would like to use Olsson Ruby but not sure how it will work with Smart effector. Does it survive impacts with the hot bed during auto-calibration? Maybe someone has an experience with such combination.

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    I must admit I've never tried one but I saw different Olsson Ruby nozzles at the TCT show in Birmingham and I would suspect they are stiff enough to work with the smart effector.

  • @chrishamm : Thanks for your response! Was there anyone at the show that used Olsson Ruby with direct contact Z-probe?

  • @zov I have that nozzle and to be honest I have better luck with my hardened steel tip from e3d. Print tons of cf parts and none have issues. Yes the nozzle works on the smart effector (that’s where I used it) but not any more. The issue is eventually the nozzle gets dirty and despite cleaning it carefully I notice I would get an uneven filament flow rather then a smooth line. Never figured out what caused it, I just know that after using my hardened steel nozzle for twice the time I have yet to encounter the problem.

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    @zov No, I did not even see anyone printing with that nozzle. They only showed their different products there.

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    Probably worth contacting them directly.

  • Thanks everybody who response to me! Your help is appreciated. I might contact Olsson directly but not sure they know smart effector very well. Accordingly to BPisLife remark now I am inclined to try hardened steel nozzle first.

  • @zov the only direct contact detection that it wouldn’t work for is electrical since the nozzle tip is a ruby. Piezo based and strain-gauge (smart effector) will work. I think starting with hardened steel is a great choice. 🙂

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