Temperature problems

  • Hi,

    i have some troubles with temperature... i have check this when i print PETG... after have extrusion problems, clogs. And after some tests.... i have do one more...

    I have heated extruder to 250 ºC.... and check the temperature with a multimeter that can measure the temperature.... i read in multimeter 235 ºC...

    One of two termistors dont say the true.... but who?

    Some idea to solve it... i suposse that termistor in nozzle its not reading correct... why i have a lot of clogs

    I have retunning.... with this message:

    Warning: Heater 1 appears to be over-powered. If left on at full power, its temperature is predicted to reach 631C.
    Auto tune heater 1 completed in 228 sec
    Use M307 H1 to see the result, or M500 to save the result in config-override.g

    and M307 H1

    M307 H1
    Heater 1 model: gain 606.6, time constant 146.6, dead time 6.3, max PWM 1.00, calibration voltage 24.3, mode PID, inverted no, frequency default
    Computed PID parameters for setpoint change: P6.9, I0.227, D30.2
    Computed PID parameters for load change: P6.9,

  • @peirof Simple first thing to do. Set extruder temperature to 265. then you multimeter will read 250 (or close). See if that fixes your clogging problem. I doubt very much that it will however.........

    We covered the warning message in another thread so there is no need to mention it again. Just ignore it but don't leave the printer unattended while it is printing.

    Also, if the hot end heats to the temperature you have asked for (as measured by the thermistor), and if it heats up in a reasonable amount of time, and if the temperature is stable, then there is point in changing any of the parameters in M307.

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