Problems when I print ...

  • Since a few days I am experiencing problems, you can see some thread about it in this forum ... But after trying several things I still have the same problem, which I think, I managed to isolate-

    Printing starts correctly, but after 1 or two layers, material stops coming out.
    I notice how the extruder loses steps, "jumps" the gear ...

     *Things I've tried:*
           + Raise the extrusion temperature
           + Lower the speed at which I print
           + Change material from PETG to ABS, rolls with which I had already printed
           + Change the flow ...
           + Change the nozzle of the extruder, a Prometheus V2
           + I have tried with CURA and with S3D. With S3D, something better, but the same thing happens.
           + I have tested profiles of the Slicers with profiles

    None of that has worked
    For more "inri" ... in when the impression stops coming out material, the pause, through the DWC .... And I order him to retract a few millimeters and extrude, and ... EXTRUDE

    Something I have not tried is to change the extruder motor, at the moment in a Nema 17 Pancake ... for a "standart". Can this be the cause? or is not it worth trying? I have the current for this motor at 950mV. It's enough?

    Would anyone know how to give me a cause?
    Things that I can try?
    Why when it is not printing (with DWC), does it extrude material and when I print NO?

    Thanks in advance

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    Check your printer setup in Cura for filament diameter. Sometimes it seems to reset to 2.85 for some reason. That can cause underextrusion.

  • @peirof said in Problems when I print ...:


    Why when it is not printing (with DWC), does it extrude material and when I print NO?

    Thanks in advance

    A couple of possibilities come to mind that would explain your hot end blockages. Too high a retraction can cause molten filament to be drawn up into the heat break where it can then solidify and cause a jam. Similarly, if the heat sink is poorly designed or there is insufficient cooling, this can cause heat creep so that filament will soften and swell inside the heat break of lower part of the heat sink.

  • Swap the thermistor in the hotend. It took me ages to realise that the intermittent quality issues and occasional jam were being caused by the thermistor wandering around.

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  • Hi,

    think i have find it...

    After several tests, I saw that the problem was always similar, it did not matter the material, the layer height, the speed of printing ... after 1 or 2 layers, jamming occurred, and loss of steps of the heater, which another part is a double gear striker, and the voltage was raised to 800 mA in config.g.

    Seeing the stuck filament, it looked like the tip formed a ball, and the distance coincided, approximately where the nozzle began.

    At this point I have to say that I use a Prometheus v2 hotend ... seeing the documentation of this, I saw an error when I mount it ... and I did not put Thermal Silicone on the nozzle, so I put thermal silicone and gave it more distance the Heat Block to the Heat Skin. Before I had 2 mm, and I have put two nuts, in addition to 2 mm. In total about 6 mm, which forced me to modify the config.g, and adjust the loss of height effect

    With this I tried to separate the source of heat, Heat Block, Heat Skin, and try to get the heat, did not reach the Heat Skin, and did not melt the material, this along with the silicone ends, it seems that it is working.

    I have two impressions, with ABS, and for now, everything is correct, I still need to try PETG, which uses a higher temperature ...

    I share my evidence here, in case you can serve someone ...

    The truth is that it would have had more influence, if the silicone, or separate the Heat Block from the Heat Skin ...

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