BL Touch wiring the GND

  • I see the bl touch has two GND coming from it and the are connected in the bl touch .
    Due to a lack of wires coming from the slave board at the extruder is it possible to wire the two GND wires to say the GND for the permanent fan or the extruder heater ???

    I have probed the duet board and I can see all the 24v GND ( neg ) are common but from what I can see the Z probe GND and Expansion pin 2 ( GND ) are NOT connected to each other or the 24v GND .
    Are there any solutions to avoid running more wires over from the extruder area .

    Back ground . I am converting a formbot raptor to use the duet wifi + titan extruder and E3D V6 and I am trying to keep it neat rather than a frankenstein of wires .

    Many thanks

  • administrators

    You can use a common wire for the two BLTouch ground connections, but I recommend that you keep it separate from the wiring to the 24V devices. Otherwise, a broken ground connection or a wiring fault could feed 24V into the BLTouch or the Duet.

    You can use a common +24V wire for the heater cartridge and both fans.

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