Duet Ethernet Port stopped working

  • Hello,

    My Duet Ethernet port seems to have failed.

    First let me say, that I love your product. My printer was running better than ever when I made the switch from Ramps. Unfortunately today it stopped mid print.I wasn't around when this happened, so my wife powered the printer down (via the power switch) when she noticed it was no longer running.

    Once I turned the printer back on, the LEDs on the port are not illuminated, and I cannot access the printer through the IP address that was assigned in the config. File.

    3.3v, 5v, and VIN lights are all illuminated when board is powered.

    I've tried multiple ethernet cables and plugging directly into both of the routers on my network. Unfortunately, my laptop does not have ethernet port.

    When connected via USB using YAT:

    Network is enabled, configured IP address:, actual IP address:
    M552 S0
    M552 S1

    Nothing after that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    @mrdanielatkins can you check that the Duet is working otherwise (for example connect via USB)

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  • @t3p3tony Yes, everything else seems to be functioning as intended. I can communicate with the board via YAT when plugged in via USB. All other lights come on as they should, including the endstops when I trigger them by hand.

    Neither router recognizes the device is connected to the port, either.

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    @mrdanielatkins Can you check movement and heating work as expected, if that is the case then can you contact who you purchased the board from to arrange a replacement. They will ask you to fill out a warranty form, please reference this forum discussion. please make sure you keep your SD card settings!

  • Heating and movement are working. Thanks for your help.

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