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  • Hi,

    i have simulated a gcode file... and in console, in addition to the time it will take to print, you can see this information:

    M37 P"CURA_Abs - 2x Grapas cama.gcode"
    Simulating print of file CURA_Abs - 2x Grapas cama.gcode
    T0:21.0 /0.0 B:20.1 /0.0
    T0:21.0 /0.0 B:20.1 /0.0

    What does it mean?

  • administrators

    @peirof said in Simulation mode:

    T0:21.0 /0.0 B:20.1 /0.0

    That means that the file you are trying to print contains some M105 commands to report temperatures. They will be reported during actual printing too. Those commands are probably in your start and/or end GCode scripts. You can remove them.

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