Ditto Printing on a Delta

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    I wonder if you can help me, I am planning on converting my Delta to a E3D Chimera 2-in-2-out and am just doing my research before ordering everything. I have wrapped my head around most of it however could you please elaborate on how to set up ditto printing on a DELTA? All the info I find on the forum is for a IDEX.


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    E3D Chimera 2-in-2-out

    Chimera 2x2 is not for "ditto" printing, meaning printing two identical objects side-by-side in the time it would otherwise take to print one object. The heads on the Chimera a far too close together for that.

    The Chimera is for two color printing, or printing one material for an object and another material for supports, or similar.

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    Yeah, you could "ditto" print but only if the objects were narrower than the distance between the two nozzles on a chimera

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