Piezo20 probe and piezo kit now available

  • Hi Simon,

    I'm afraid it still doesn't work. the indication in duet wifi is ok now but, the piezo still reacts only when you let go, not when you put pressure on it. So the nozzle keeps pushing into the bed. and doesn't trigger the duet.

    The piezo is mounted with the connector towards the nozzle tip. just like your video. Do i need to turn it around ?
    Or could it be that the piezo's are not soldered correctly as you say that in one of your video for the old model also ?

    Let me know what to do.


  • Hi Bart can you email back to us via our website (precisionpiezo AT yahoo Dot com) Idris will pick up on it and get back to you, he's handling all the operational side. It sounds like a faulty unit.

  • ok thanks will do



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