Quick cpu question

  • hi i just want to check something realy fast before i try and replace the cpus on the 2 dead duet wifi boards i have here, when looking at the replacement cpus on mouser the boards i have here use the variant that they list as having a supply voltage of 1.2v, but in the schematic i cannot find anything 1.2v? also in the shop listing for the 1.03 board it has the variant mouser lists as having a supply voltage of 3.3v, or am i looking at this all wrong? and is it a big problem?

  • administrators

    The supply voltage to the MCU is 3.3V but the core runs at a lower voltage. The correct part number is ATSAM4E8EA-AU or -AN.

  • thanks, dont see any signs of burnt stuff other than on the cpu so hopefully that fixes it


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