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  • Is there any way to disable the bed level calibration button? I don't have any sort of bltouch or any other auto bed leveling hardware and would love to just remove that button.

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    That button can be used to perform calibration or be levelling even without a Z probe, by setting the Z probe type to 0 in the M558 command. Currently there is no facility provided to disable it.

  • @dc42 thank you for your response. 😊

  • That button will turn on the "manual bed leveling assistant" if you don't have autoleveling. That is a very good way to get your bed leveled. You have to provide coordinates of probing points and leveling screws in the firmware in order to use it.

    Once you've set it up and started it by touching the button on the touch screen, it will move the nozzle to whatever points you specified in the firmware and instruct you to move the nozzle until it touches the bed (grabs a piece of paper). It will step you through all the points specified, then on the console will display the adjustment required at each leveling screw to bring the bed into tram with the XY plane of the printer. As I understand it, it does a least squares fit of the probed points to a plane, so it will help tram an unflat bed so you get maximum printable area from it.

    I have found it more accurate than doing the same procedure manually.

    My printer requires bed leveling only when I take apart the Z axis to modify it (which is becoming very infrequent), but I still find this method very useful.

    I wrote a blog post on setting it up.

  • I reconfigured it to trigger G29, BTW if the G32 is deprecated then why don't you remap it by default? @dc42

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    @patakopecek said in Bed Level Calibration button:

    BTW if the G32 is deprecated then why don't you remap it by default? @dc42

    It's only bed compensation using G32 that is deprecated. It's still needed for automatic or manual bed level adjustment and for delta printer calibration.

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