RRF Configurator Tool source code

  • Hey all!

    I was curious if the source code for the RRF Configurator Tool was on github.

    Also, how does one contribute a preset for the tool? We'd love to add a preset for RailCore II.



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    @natewalck @chrishamm can help.

    If you have a configuration setup and a config.json then he can add that to the list.

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    Hey @natewalck, you can download a JSON template file on the Finish dialog of the last page. Feel free to send it over or link it here and I will add it to the config tool as a preset.

    The source code is not on GitHub yet but it's basically all plain HTML+JavaScript and a bit of EJS. I can create a repo for this if you want - however I am inclined to replace it sometime soon with a more modern approach. Well, we'll see how that goes.

  • @chrishamm Thank you so much for getting the source code up on Github! I believe @cheeseandham has started a config for RailCore (Found here: https://railcore.org/doku.php?id=en:300zlconfigcreator).

    We've been talking about how we could handle the various different configurations on the RailCore IRC channel. We would love to have config "blocks" so to speak, so it is easier to specify all the options in one JSON blob for the RailCore.

    For instance, you'd have one config block(dictionary, hash, whatever) for Titan and one for Bondtech BMG. You'd also have a block of config for each Z probe type (Piezo, IR, BLTouch, etc). Then people could select their probe in q drop down and get all relevant config options for that item/part.

  • Thanks @chrishamm for posting the source!

    To pile on to @natewalck's idea - besides the extruder choice, there are several variations among Railcore builds that would be great to capture with a simple radio button or select.

    For example, 250mm vs 300mm build dimensions is a change that's trivial to capture and adjust for, but critically important to have propagate several places. Most self-sourced builds use 0.9 degree steppers, while kits use 1.8. etc.

    Figured I'd throw in a few more examples of uses since you're already thinking of rewriting the configurator.


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