SD Card becomes unreadable after gcode upload attempt

  • Would anyone have a suggestion on this? I am unable to upload gcode to my Duet Wifi through the web interface. When I attempt to upload a print I get about half way through the upload and displays an error in the progress bar and I lose access to the SD card(I detect no errors on the wifi connection). I still can control my printer but config file is not accessible until restart. I can pull the SD card out and plug it in my computer to upload the files and controls and prints fine until I attempt upload. I am running:

    Firmware Version: 1.15-beta3 (2016-07-09)
    Web Interface Version: HTML: 1.11, JS: 1.11a-dc42

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I have not seen this behavior before, is it just a print file upload that is failing (as opposed to a config.g file?). How big a file are you uploading?

  • 800-900kb file. It is just the print file.

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    Odd, does it stop at exactly the same % each time?

  • I will check after my print completes. I will also verify if the SD card itself is the culprit and test different file sizes and different slicers.

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    Thanks, that will help!

  • T3P3Tony, thanks for your help! It was just a bad SD card, or the issue is corrected by a higher class SanDisk.

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    Thanks for letting me know, was it the SD card we sent with the board?

  • Yup. Probably just an odd ball of the bunch. Duet Wifi is working like champ now!

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    Thanks for letting us know. We do test the SD carts to some extent as part of the overall functional test. I will look into testing the whole card.

  • Well, I had a series of unfortunate events. The SD card had a melt down(burned a hole through the top corner) took out my Duet Wifi and my paneldue. 😞

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    That does sound very unfortunate. Did it happen spontaneously, or are you aware of anything that might have triggered it, such as a short in the wiring?

  • I smelled the smoke and quickly unplugged it, I am looking through everything now to see if I can find what went wrong.

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    I'll talk to T3P3 about replacing your board and PanelDue. We'll probably want the Duet WiFi back to try to diagnose what went wrong, so please don't replace any parts or clean off any burn marks.

  • Ok I wont, thanks for looking into that!

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    We will sort out a replacement of both and as David said it will be good to get your original ones back to diagnose what happened.

  • You guys are great! Thank you!

  • Hmm, My SD card is also showing the problem that I cannot write a new file to it.
    Previously, I could switch off and rebooted, and was able to get access to the files back, and write new ones.

    But now it will no longer accept print files. I can print files already on there, but if I try to write a new file I loose file management on the SD card, I cannot see any of my previously uploaded files.
    I had made a backup image, had to use another SD card and it works again, now with the new card.
    Now I have no more TV (SD card used was for Kodi)

    At least I can print.

    I will try formatting the old card and reusing it, just to see what happens.

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    Before you reformat it, you could try putting it in a PC and running disk tools to see if the file system has become corrupted.

  • Anther sd card related question why are the boards shipped with a class 4 sd card is it worth the upgrade to class 10 are is the board limited to class 4 speeds also poeple ask for a sacred slot but I think a full size USB would be better for stick drives are full external hhd/ssd


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