How to pad endstop position

  • I finally got the endstops and motors working on my Davinci Pro 1.0 conversion. However, the machine frame is designed, such that, if you try and home the y axis it crashes into the sheetmetal if the tool head docked all the way to the right. Short of moving the endstop how can I add 10 mm to the origin as calculated during homing.

    I tried use M206 Y10 but on the web page under machine status is now lists the head position as 0, 10, 0.

    I also tired M208 X10 Y10 Z10 S1 didn't work either.

    My question, Once I home all 3 axis, how do I move the head to this new position and make it the machine 0?

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    Are you saying that homing the Y axis is unsafe when the print head is at some X positions? If so then you can move the head to a safe X position in the homey.g and homeall.g files, before you do the Y homing move.

  • @dc42 Finally figured it out. I must of had too many adult beverages when I wrote the previous post.

    I used M206 X-15 Y-15 Z-11.20 in my homing files and now everything works great. I tried G92 but that didn't seem to work for me.

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