G29 in start code and probing errors

  • I have "G29 S0" in my start code to probe the bed every print.

    The problem is, if I have an error during probing, like "Error: Z probe already triggered before probing move started" or not consistent probes, the print still goes on.

    Obviously this is not what I want.

    So where is my error in thinking there and how do I set it up, so that the print stops/cancels if an error occurs?


  • I think there is already a request in the Firmware Wishlist forum to have G29 probing behave this way. I think it may be dependant on implementing conditional gcode.

    Ideally though, G29 should work every time. If it's not, the issue should be resolved.

    Perhaps if you post your config.g along with details of your probe installation we can get it to behave more consistently.

  • I have a piezo sensor.

    So if that happens, there is usually a physical problem.
    Like a tiny bit of oozing filament on the nozzle I forgot to clean away or something on the printbed.

    So only solution at this point would be to probe manually and remove the g29 from the startcode?

  • administrators

    Support for conditional GCode commands is already scheduled for implementation, and that facility will allow you to meet this requirement.

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