Alternative way to connect Duet2 and Duex5 [SOLVED]

  • I would like to run thick enough wires directly from the power supply and to avoid issues run a thinner wire from both grounds, like this poor photo edition here 😄

    My issue is that I found it very hard to crimp those ferrules with a thick enough wire and would be very hard to crimp two at each ferrule.

    Also, I have a doubt, what are the maximum input current, and the recommended wiring for that case? As if I was going to use all outputs at the maximum current (18A for the bed, my Duet2 is a 1.03).


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    That looks OK to me. You can have a ground wire going back to the PSU from each board as you have illustrated, as long as you also have a short thick ground wire between the two boards.

  • @dc42 So even if I have a thick cable coming from the power supply I will still need a thick one connecting both?

    I was wondering if there was a way to not need to crimp two thick cables together 😄

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    You can run the PSU output wires to a 2 way 30 amp chocolate block connector mounted next to the Duet and DueX, then run short wires from that connector to the Duet and to the DueX. That's what I used to do on one of my printers.

  • @dc42 That should do the trick! Thank you very much!! 😄

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