guess my short killed effector aswell :(

  • so ive gotten my duet up and running again mostly, replaced wifimodule and whatnot i can connecto to the duet and move motors around, however the green led on my smart effector is constantly on and the web ui reports it at 1000.... so the question is, is it pootched or what? tried wiggling the harness around and ive re crimped the ends also the 6 pin connector is unplugged, if it is dead would repair be worth it or should i look into replacing the whole board

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    I guess you shorted the +3.3V rail to a higher voltage. Do you know what voltage?

    You can find the Smart Effector schematic at There are 3 components powered from +3.3V:

    • The attiny45 microcontroller can tolerate about 6.5V. It is cheap to replace, but you will need the means to program it.
    • The 1V regulator is a LDK130 and is rated 5.5V. If it is working then there should be +1V at its output on pin 5.
    • The op amp is a MCP6286 and is rated at 7V.

    So potentially, you would need to replace all three of those.

    Before you replace anything, I suggest you check the resistance of the strain gauge traces, in case the 1V regulator failed short circuit and the traces burned out due to excessive current.

  • i am not sure what voltage it was, i know it burned a line into the cpu on a 3.3v line though and burned one of the legs off, im using my old duet wifi now the burned one is in a drawer

    but thank you i will look into those components as soon as i find my multimeter

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