M118 communication to RPi

  • I'm having some issues with the M118 Command to communicate to the RPi.

    My goal is to have one text box on octoprint browser asking if the print is ok or not.

    using the folowing commands:

    M118 P1 S"// action:prompt_begin Part Ok?"
    M118 P1 S"// action:prompt_button No"
    M118 P1 S"// action:prompt_button Yes"
    M118 P1 S"// action:prompt_show"

    (it works on arduino based board)

    the first two commands they work when i make a refresh to the octoprint browser although the communication on the terminal begins to act strangely, with some lag on it.

    can anyone help me with this?

    second issue

    Same text box on duet3d interface but with the gcode sent by octoprint,

    (it works great printing the gcode from the duet3d interface)

    M291 P"Part Ok" S3

    Thanks for your time.

  • hi. post is old but figured out the same lags with M118 command like you. If i enter a lot of M118 in a row it takes a long time to return some message on console. I tested with P0 argument

    another thing i recognized is that colon : do not work. They get ignored (not printed)

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