Duet wifi not working on TP link wifi, fine on Huawei wifi

  • Hi, I have two wifi routers at home, one is from TP-Link and the other is from Huawei, Duet WiFi does not post when connected to the TP-Link one, but when connected to the Huawei one it works beautifully, but I use the Huawei as 5G and the TP-Link as 2.4G router, so the duet is unable to connect to the Huawei wifi, and it does not work @ 2.4G (the router does not send any internet to it, IDK why), why would this be a thing?

  • administrators

    @patakopecek very strange. I presume other devices connect fine to the TP Link ? Does it provide any logs ? What is the result of M122 when it fails to connect to the TP link?

  • @t3p3tony it connects fine on the tp-link but the dwc does not start up, it does not even create a dwc.json file in the www folder, there was a serviceman yesterday and he replaced the Huawei router and it now works on both bands, so it is usable

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