First time using duet - x+y motors move together

  • I've just finished wiring up my new build with a duet wifi v1.03, and for what ever reason my x and y motors move together.
    I am using the screen I bought with it.
    When I move the tool with the -10 or 10 button on the screen, both motors (x+y) move. The direction changes dependent on which motor I try to move on the screen.

    I haven't upgraded the firmware yet, but have created my configuration using the online configurator tool. Only reason I haven't upgraded the firmware yet is that my laptop fried itself recently, so im stuck on my work laptop, on which I'm not allowed to install any useful software.
    I figured if I could get connected by wifi, I can update the firmware through the Web app.

    I have checked all my connections a number of times, so I am certain it's not something hardware, but rather in my config.

    On the screen, it says the machine is running 1.17 firmware, so that's what I've set in the configurator, along with setting the firmware type to native.

    It also can't connect to my wifi. I'm not sure if the issues are related or not.
    My wifi id has 2 words with a space. Does that worry the duet wifi?

    I'm a bit green to this again. Have had my printer for a few years, but shelved it some time ago, and just getting it going again with some new electronics.


  • Sounds like it is configured to be a coreXY printer. Look for this in the config file towards the begining somewhere (M667 S1 )


  • Yep, that did it.

    Now to continue with configuration.


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