Looking for the limits... Chapter II and III

  • Hi,

    In previous chapters, was interested in to look for the limit of extrusion speed...

    in the same way that i am interested in knowing the limits of my printer on when to extrusion speed.... i am also interested in search for the limits of the printer in the print speed, how it affects is the quality of the printed surfaces....

    Chapter II. Speed.

    Similar speed so that you can change the temperature of printing along the Z-axis.. Is there any way to change the print speed along the Z-axis? And so to see how this affects the quality of the printed model?

    The way that i have read, is by editing the file GCODE, but I don't know how it will have to be done. Does anyone know how? I guess... that, if you increase the print speed, it will be necessary to increase the temperature.

    I use this web site as a reference: https://filament2print.com/gb/blog/9_questions-temperature-print-speed-pla-abs.html.

    As the ideal temperature of printing depends on the material, it is possible that the temperatures in those tables do not serve, but if that will serve as the spreads. That is, if I print to 40 mm/s to a temperature T1, if I print ABS to 60mm/s, you should use a T2=T1+4. Could serve?

    Ideas about the model to use:

    • The model to use, it would have to repeat along the Z axis, and have curved surfaces and cantilevers. Any ideas?
    • The model to use, it would not have to be very large, so that it does not take long to print, and do not spend a lot of material.
    • The model to use, since I am only interested in print quality, would have to be hollow
    • The model to use, there would be no need to have wooden floors and ceilings.

    Chapter III. Layer Height

    This has led me to think that may be of interest to know the height of minimum layer that can be printed. Using a similar system, making a model, that when you slice, change the height of each layer X mm. This if i have it more clear how to do it, as there are some slicers, which allow you to change the height of layer along the Z-axis.

    If the layer height is less than……………….. Does the temperature must be at or below?


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