Power supply with ON/OFF function , how to wire it

  • Hi ,
    I replaced my power supply for my 24 volts bed with a meanwell RSP-500.
    I drive it with a mosfet connected to the duet wifi because the bed require more than 12 amps and I have the old wifi version.

    This power supply support remote control, PSU on and off. Because I am using it with the bed would be awesome that the duet could be able to switch of it in case the mosfet die in closed position and the temperature rise too much.
    I ma planning to use a temperature fuse connected to the bed but an additional safety measure would be awesome.
    Is it doable?


    0_1541685795101_powrer supply.jpg

  • Looks like there is RC+ and RC- on the supply. Shorting these should disable the supply.

    Might be possible to just dump a 4-10V signal into RC- to switch it off.

    You could try using a thermostatic fan output configured your max temp. Run it through a relay or something to short RC+ and RC-. Or use a voltage divider to drop it down to 10Vmax. Or define a max PWM output and use a low pass filter to drop it down to 10V and wire it into the input on the power supply.

    Use the thermal fuse as well.

    Another option is to size your bed heater so it will not reach dangerous temperatures even if left on. For example, my bed heater at max power will never get above ~120C, as i lose more power to the air at that point then I am putting back in. The downside of this approach is you may have less powerful components that will take longer to heat up initially.


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