Chamber heater and therm. connect to Duet exp. connector pins

  • Hello!
    I would like to change the electronic system of my CubePro Duo to Duet 2 Wifi.
    The list of the appliances which should be control with the board:

    • 1 pcs X motor
    • 2 pcs (dual) Y motor
    • 1 pcs Z motor
    • 2 pcs Extruder motor, heater, thermistor
    • PWM and always on fans
    • Endstops
    • Heated bed, thermisztor
    • Heated Chamber with SSR, thermistor

    My question is the following: Is it Duet 2 Wifi cabable and enough to control the appliances by itself or do I need the Duex expension board too?

    Heated chamber is the queried issue for me.

    The following link contains a description about the connection of heated chamber SSR input with the Duet expansion connector pin directly without the Duex. (for example Pin3 and Pin8)
    But for me it is not obvious that the expansion connector pin could be connected directly with the heated chamber's thermistor too. (for example Pin35 and Pin36).

    Link (Connecting a SSR directly to the expansion connector):

    Could you please help me about this question?

  • administrators

    You can do that without a DueX if you are happy to connect the two Y motors in series or in parallel. However to connect a 4th thermistor via the expansion connector, you will also need to add a 4.7K 1% resistor between the thermistor input and the VREF pin. Alternatively, you could upgrade your hot ends to PT100 sensors and use the PT100 daughter board on the Duet, which will free up the E0 and E1 thermistor inputs.

  • Thank you for your reply!

    That's what I was thinking, but I was not sure.

    If I'm still having a question or problem with this project, I will continue this post.

  • I would have one more question now.
    I can change the Y and Z controls? And so I can connect the two Y motors with a separate connector to the board?
    Am I correct?

  • administrators

    Yes, you can use a M584 command in config.g to swap the Y and Z drivers.

  • Thank you!

  • Hellio I hope you have successfully converted your CubePro. Could you share a pictures of your wiring and extruder?

    I have a cubepro duo and I am trying to convert to a more open machine

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