[SOLVED] Setting nozzle clearance

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a simple question, I want to make it so I can change the clearance between my nozzle and bed depending on the filament. What would be the best option for me to change the nozzle clearance before the print starts?

  • You could use the built in filament management functionality in the DWC to have custom settings apply when you "load" that filament. You could either change the Z offset, or apply a baby stepping amount.


    Depending on your slicer you could also add those commands to the filament specific gcode. Slic3r has that anyway. I've used that before to add a bit of extra height to the first layer of PETG prints by adding 0.1mm baby stepping.

  • @phaedrux Thank you for the help

    I was thinking of using the filament management functionality for some time, this will be a good way to work with it. I do have a couple questions about it;

    1. under the filament name, there is an option to "edit config macro"... Is this the macro that would store the Z offset? What else would be a thing to store in it? (I'm not using firmware retract yet)

    2. If I shutdown the printer, and it has a filament loaded into it... Would I have to unload then re-load the filament, or does the Duet remember what filament was loaded before power down?

    3. In my start G-code, what should I add to make sure the offset is added?

  • Yes that's the macro you can edit. There is the loading macro that is meant to heat and retract your filament and then there is the config that can have your custom commands. It should be reloaded at start up.

    I don't think you would need to add anything to your start gcode if you test and verify that it works to begin with.

  • @phaedrux I will have to do some experimentation since I don't understand how it works. Because in my startup G-code, I have "M98 PStart_print.g". That G-code resets my BLTouch, turns on the motor cooling, homes the machine, then primes the nozzle. What is going to trigger the filament management macro so the Duet knows what Z offset should be used since "home" zeros the z-axis?

  • You can think of the filament specific config.g like a config-override.g. It will load after the normal config.g so any changes you've made specific to that filament will take effect right at startup.

    If you add a custom Z offset in G31 it will be applied when you home the Z axis. Does that make sense?

  • @phaedrux

    @phaedrux said in Setting nozzle clearance:

    If you add a custom Z offset in G31 it will be applied when you home the Z axis. Does that make sense?

    I think I understand... Right now in my config.g file, I have G31 X27.80 Y0 Z0.425 P25, if there is 3 0.05 babysteps in the filament config, they will be added to my G31 command (Z0.425 = machine 0, then 0.15 in babysteps)

  • @iamturbo1978 If you wanted to add 0.15mm to your z height you could add that to the 0.425 in your custom G31.

    Alternatively you could try adding a baby stepping command M290 S0.15


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