Duet v0.6 Network Not Working

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to rebuild an Ormerod for someone and I'm having problems with the networking and would appreciate some hints!

    I'm wondering if there is any bootloading done to the network chip during manufacture that may have gone wrong? This printer was acquired having never run.

    I can connect via USB serial and communicate as expected with the Duet. I can move motors, enable heaters, monitor temperatures, and run macros and homey.g etc. I can set it to DHCP and when it restarts (with a known good network lead and connection) the USB reports the IP address is still I can manually set the MAC, Sub net, gateway and IP with no error messages. When I enable networking it reports up on the specified I address but it does not respond on the network. It can however see when the network lead is being put in and pulled out. There are no lights on the network socket.

    Any hints or is it just goosed? I can't see any way to run a ping or network test VIA gcode commands issued on the serial lead.

  • Ok, had a dig around and found this:


    I'll recommend they re-flow the solder connections. Will ask them to check the main ethernet socket too.

  • administrators

    Which firmware version have you installed on it? Some firmware versions only work if you give the Ethernet adapter a static IP address.

  • Bossac'ed the latest onto it for the 0.6/0.8.5 boards with a fresh SD card setup. Did try static too.


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