Configuration for Industrial IDEX System

  • Hi Folks,

    I have been browsing through the forums and working on my own configuration for an IDEX machine I have built. I have come to the realization that I have my strong points, and weaknesses. Configuring control boards with my builds is my weakness for sure. I am hoping to connect with someone here that can assist me with my configuration to a point where I can print. In exchange, I am willing to pay commisions. Not looking for freebies, I just want to get past this hurdle of configuring my board. Once I understand some of the steps that were taken, I can learn quite quickly, but at this point, I need some 1 on 1 assistance.

    To be fair, I have taken folk's suggestions to just keep trying, and I honestly just dont speak this kind of language to be frank. My time is so limited (father of 3, full time career, church and other commitments) that the thought of succeeding in configuring my own printer is slowly slipping away from me. Please let me know if this is something one of you could take on. I really appreciate it.


  • Perhaps you could post some more details about your printer and your config files as they currently stand, as well as how far you've managed to get. I'm sure the forum members here can get you up and running.

    See here for some pointers on what info you should include:


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