Guide for posting requests for help

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    Please help everyone to help you by including the following information in a post for assistance with Firmware, Hardware etc on the forum.

    • Mention which versions of RepRapFirmware, Webserver (if applicable) and Duet Web Control you are using.
    • Mention which hardware you are using (Duet 2 Wifi, Ethernet, Smart Effector, Duex5 etc). Also if it is an issue with a specific piece of hardware post in the relevant forum.
    • provide links to your config.g (and other .g files like homeing, bed etc, if they are relavent to the issue). These files are best attached to the forum post using the "upload file" button: 0_1530638898995_de839f51-5ccf-4ff3-9264-6027929718f0-image.png
    • If it is a question about specific hardware other than Duet 3d (e.g. a specific stepper motor) provide a link to the datasheet.
    • If it is an issue since you updated the firmware, please make sure you have read the "whats new" update for all the releases in between your old and new firmware versions.
    • Please have a search for other threads where people have had the same/similar issues. Do note however that RepRapFirmware gets updated frequently so if its an old thread treat with caution.

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    Please only reply to this post with other constructive things forum users should do before asking for help.


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