Help to Diagnose print issues...

  • Hi,

    I post some images of my lasts prints... I have surface/layer issues, I have try do somerhings, but for the moment i cant find the solution, and know this is not the place for this question... Not seems a Duet question... But I post here If you can gave me ideas....

    Images of my lasts prints:

    • Slicer Cura 3.8.1
    • Abs ( 235/95)
    • Speed 50 mm/s
    • Layer 0.12




    Thanks in advance

  • administrators

    The two most obvious issues in those prints to me are:

    1. Warping and layer separation in the second print. Make sure that the print cooling fan is kept off when printing ABS. Also make sure that there are no draughts in the vicinity of the nozzle, from the hot end heatsink fan or from outside the printer. Successful printing of tall ABS parts requires a warm chamber, or atg the very least a draught shield around the printer.

    2. Poor layer registration. It's not consistently in one direction, so I don't think it's caused by missed steps. Check that the belts are taut, the pulley grub screws tight, the friction on the axes low, and the axis motor currents sufficient.

  • Hi,

    Find it...!!!

    Thanks to all.

    Mechanical issue, the screw on one arm was not tight

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