Can I reroute the X-axis Driver to an Extruder Driver?

  • So I am having connection / power issues I assume in my wiring to my extruder. So I was probing around the steppers to see if the extruder stepper was outputting a voltage ( not sure if I was doing it right but anyways) and I accidentally shorted two pins on the x axis stepper driver, resulting in a glowing red component and the nice burning smell of IC.

    Anyways can I reroute the E1 Stepper to the X - axis drive?

    EDIT: I see I can do an M584 command to change axis, what is the default order of drivers on the Board? I see the example lists 0 - X , 1 - Y, 2 and 3 - Z, and 4 and 5 - Extruders. Could I just do an M584 X4?

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    You can put M584 X4 E3 in config.g, before any M906 or M350 commands. You need the E3 so that driver 4 is not also treated as an extruder, which is the default.

  • Thanks dc,

    Question too, this all started with an issue with my extruder not running and now that I have the x axis on the one extruder stepper, I cannot get the extruder to work, I even externally wired the stepper from the wiring harness to rule out wiring. Is there a good way to test for a bad stepper? Also with this change I no longer have my T0 selected and have tried arranging a lot of params in the T0 code but it still will not appear. It does appear once I get rid of the m584 code.

    Also DC42, is it okay to ask to pm you? I have some questions regarding the Duet 3 🙂

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    @Fickert, unless you are and OEM customer and the questions you want to ask are confidential, please ask them on the forum. There is already a thread about Duet 3.


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