Sync web "G-code Console" and PanelDue "console" output?

  • So I've noticed if I trigger some command from the web console, I can only see any type of results from the command in the web console. Same with commands triggered from the PanelDue, they only show up on the PanelDue console.

    Is there any changes I can make in order to have the outputs always show up in all consoles?

  • administrators

    It works this way by design. Responses to commands are sent to the channel that the command came from. Warning and error messages that don't relate to any particular command, or that relate to a command read from the SD card file being printed, are sent to all channels.

  • Not sure I understand the benefit of this behavior.

    It's not like the printer can multi-task and handle multiple users telling to do different things in parallel.

    Wouldn't it make sense to just echo input and their output to all consoles?

    Maybe at the least label that the commands and/or results are coming from something initiated at another console, but I'd think anything the printer is doing would be important info at all consoles.

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