Rapid turn around setup?

  • I usually shut down the print bed and extruder in my end.g file for safety. However, fairly frequently I am in a rapid turn-around mode such as where I am fitting a profile to an existing object (5 minute print, tweak and repeat). My print bed is 1/4" aluminum plate and is very slow to stabilize so I change my end to keep the bed hot and lower the extruder to just below the point where it drips. Is there a way that I can add a check box to the machine control to tell it to use end2.g instead of end.g so I can easily swap modes? Is there a better way to do what I am doing?

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    Currently there isn't a way to do that other than renaming macro files. However, when the object model and the new DWC to make use of it are complete, then you will be able to use conditional GCode in stop.g (or end.g if you are calling that explicitly). After that, all we need is an M-code to set a variable, and a means in DWC to set variables depending on the state of check boxes. I'll alert chrishamm to this requirement.

  • Thanks. I am calling it explicitly with M98 and can change to end2 there but that requires editing the slicer profile so having the ability to add check boxes would be a nice feature for lazy people like me.

    BTW: M0 H1 doesn't seem to work for me (why I'm using M98 instead). Even with the H1 card, the heaters are turned off when M0 H1 is called (same end.g code in the stop.g file). M98 Pend.g leaves the heaters on. Operator error or bug?

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    @ticktock a slightly quicker option than editing the slicer config would be to create the two macros (say end!.g and endB.g) and then call those from inside end.g:

    ;end.g commend out the end macro you do not want to use:
    M98 P"0:/macros/endA.g"
    ;M98 P"0:/macros/endB.g"


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