Error: short-to-ground on drivers 0 1

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    I just got Duet Ether and wiring step motor on Driver 0 1 2 . I found that I wired wrong step motor , it 's shake when try to move. I try to switch wire and found the Error: short-to-ground on drivers 0 1. So I unplug all step motor and try to move x and y , the Error: short-to-ground on drivers 0 1 still appear. My driver short circuit ?


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    Can you explain in what way you had the motors wired incorrectly to the outputs on the Duet?

  • First ,I upgrade board form X5S board and buy new wire, I forgot to checked new wire connect to step motor(I test phase form old wire) . So I conncect with new wire.. All motor was turn left and right (shaking)when I move each x y z. I try to switch wire and test on Z. Finally, I can move the motor correctly for Z and I try to connect the correct wire to x and move. Motor was shaking and show the error as above" Error: short-to-ground on drivers 0 1" . I try to switch wire agian but still turn left and right(shaking) when I move X. For Y was same too.

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    Hi @Parkin,

    User wiring error isn't covered by the warranty. However, we've decided to offer to replace your board with a refurbished board of the same revision, assuming it's a genuine UK-manufactured board bought from us or one of your distributors. Please see if you purchased directly from us, or contact your distributor. Refer to this thread in your communication.

  • Thank you very much. I will contact for replace for a refurbished board.

  • One more, do you have another program for buy new one with exchange old defect for discount?.

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    @parkin please contact me directly for further warranty information.

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