Tevo Black Widow and Duet WiFi

  • Hello everybody,
    Has anyone of you a basic setup for a stock black widow run on a duet wifi board. The y-axis works now but I cant replicate it to the x- and the z-axis. I'm looking for good start values for

    Set maximum instantaneous speed changes (mm/min)
    Set maximum speeds (mm/min)
    Set accelerations (mm/s^2)
    Set motor currents (mA) and motor idle factor in per cent

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance


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  • i would start of with the tevo values for marlin


    # code block
    #define HOMING_FEEDRATE {50*60, 50*60, 4*60, 0}  // set the homing speeds (mm/min)
    // default settings
    #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   {160,160,3200,500}  // default steps per unit for Ultimaker
    #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE          {300, 300, 5, 25}    // (mm/sec)
    #define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION      {1000,1000,100,10000}    // X, Y, Z, E maximum start speed for accelerated moves. E default values are good for Skeinforge 40+, for older versions raise them a lot.
    #define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION          1000    // X, Y, Z and E acceleration in mm/s^2 for printing moves
    #define DEFAULT_RETRACT_ACCELERATION  3000    // E acceleration in mm/s^2 for retracts
    #define DEFAULT_TRAVEL_ACCELERATION   1000    // X, Y, Z acceleration in mm/s^2 for travel (non printing) moves
    // The speed change that does not require acceleration (i.e. the software might assume it can be done instantaneously)
    #define DEFAULT_XYJERK                20.0    // (mm/sec)
    #define DEFAULT_ZJERK                 0.4     // (mm/sec)
    #define DEFAULT_EJERK                 5.0    // (mm/sec)

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