External temperature screen monitoring

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    Can connect something like this in pararell with nozzle termopar?

    [link text](MagiDeal Interruptor de Control de Termómetro Termóstato de Sonda de Medidor de Temperatura Digital - Negro-24V https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07DHJ2GJL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Cqn-Bb03WV9K8)

    For monitoring temperature without power on panel due..

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    No, you can't connect that to the thermistor that the Duet is using. That unit is supplied with its own thermistor, and you would need to mount that one on the hot end too.

  • There is some form of monitoring 3 termistor?

    I print a lot in Abs... And pieces with big footprint I have warping issues... I have read that enclosing the printer its similar to heated chamber (I suppose heat from bed, radiantes, and heat chamber a few) and protects print object of exterior.

    I want try enclose the printer, and try.

    I d'like know chamber temperature, for know how affect this chamber to temperature...


    I can conect 3rd termistor to Duet?
    Someone can give me feedback of enclosed printer? And how do it?


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    You haven't said which Duet you are talking about.

    Duet WiFi/Ethernet has 3 thermistor inputs on board, plus another 5 on the DueX expansion board. It's possible to use the additional 5 without a DueX, but then you need an additional 4.7K 1% resistor to connect between the thermistor input and VREF on the expansion bus.

    Duet Maestro has 4 thermistor inputs.

  • Duet 2...


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