Duet and rele

  • Hi,

    I d'like control one Relé with Duet...

    For what?

    I have installed a ip webcam for remote monitoring prints... And this webcam has nightvision. But when nightvision turn on, the image quality its regular /poor...

    I am thinking, that, maybe Duet, with expansion socket can command a relé that power on a light, with some gcode...

    This will be possible? How?


  • You can connect LED strips to unused heater or fan outputs.

  • If you have a spare Fan output on the Duet, that can be used. If you want the light to always be on when the printer is on, you can use one of the always on Fan outputs, otherwise, you can use an open Fan Output. It is also possible to use a heater output, but you will need to ensure that your relay have a fly-back diode to protect those outputs.

    Lets say your FAN_2 (3rd Fan) output is open, and you want to use that:
    In your config.g file, you will need to configure the fan:
    M106 P2 S1 F500 H-1 C"Light"; - details on the M106 command at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M106_Fan_On, basics:

    • P selects the fan output to use (0-indexed, so first fan is P0)
    • S sets the start output (0 is off on startup, 1 is full on at startup - for a relay you do not want to use any value between 0 and 1)
    • F is the frequency for the PWM - default is 500
    • H-1 simply sets the fan to be manually controlled, compared to thermostatic control (where a heater's temperature control the fan).
    • C this simply allows us to name the fan inside of Duet Web Control.

    I use the above code to directly control an LED strip to illuminate my print - typically LEDs use less power for more light output and comes in different options. Mine is running from 12V, and having the PWM frequency set at max, I can dim them to practically any level I need (at lower frequencies you will get flicker when dimming).

    I made a few macros for my LEDs, but practically you simply need to call M106 P2 S1 to put it on, and M106 P2 S0 to switch it off.

  • Hi...

    I have not see leds for 24v operations.

    I need to do something for power 12v leds from fan shocket?

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    @peirof said in Duet and rele:

    I have not see leds for 24v operations.

    There are lots of 24V LED strips available on eBay (10,769 results).

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