Remote Control Power Switch using Raspberry Pi

  • Hi,

    I dont know if this is the right place to pose this question – I would like to figure out the best way to remotely Turn On/Off the Duet Wifi.

    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 that will be part of the overall system that I would like to use to Toggle my printer to turn on/off. I can either run it off a separate 110V transformer or use the 12V Powersupply (350w Meanwell) using a Buck transformer to 5v.

    My thought was to wire the Raspberry Pi to the 12V power supply (via the Buck Transformer) and then use the GPIO rail on the Pi to trigger the Duet from Standby to Fully energized.

    Is this the doable, Or the right way? Should I run the 12V supply to the Duet through a SSR (like the Heatbed) via the Pi?

    Anyone have any good ideas?

  • I have only implemented remote switch off on my delta with raspberry pi and Omron remote reset switch (
    Probably not what you want, but I doubt I will ever need to remote switch on my printer.

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    The Duet has a pin designed for bringing an ATX power supply out of standby, PS_ON (it's o. The ext 5v header, see

    On how to use the GCode to control it. This means you need 5V to the Duet, and if you are not using an ATX supply then some relay or similar to control power supply.

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    RepRapFirmware doesn't currently provide a standby mode. You can turn off the motors, heaters and fans to mimise the direct load from the VIN supply, but there isn't yet the facility to put the microcontroller itself into a low-power state. However, your RPi may draw more power than the Duet's processor, unless you can put it into a low power standby mode.

    You could switch the power to the Duet, either using a SSR to switch the VIN input (if you still want to supply power to your 5V converter), or by switching the AC input to the PSU.

    Another way would be to control the enable pin to the 5v regulator on the Duet. You can get at this pin via the 5V_EN jumper block. But you would need to take steps to put the TMC2660 drivers into standby first because the are powered from VIN.


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