heightmap how much roughness is acceptable?

  • i recently calibrated bed and ran G29, this is the result it gave. the printing result is not good(bed level probably). any suggestion?0_1543131638789_Capture +3.JPG

  • And I thought my bow was bad.....

    Honestly that is a bad bed... Sorry

    Is your build plate clean? Fully supported? No surface pealing away?

  • @yatinsd before you throw away your bed, you should consider that there are some other possible reasons for the result than an uneven bed. Maybe measuring is untrustworthy because of the Z position of the probe is not stable. You can provide a picture of your printer and information about the probe (which type, configuration file) to give you hints what to check.

    The image(s) should show: probe and how it is fixed, bed and how it is fixed, Z movement and connection to frame and stepper.

    If you have something like a straightedge/hairline, you can check whether the results of the probing makes sense.

  • That's... Close to unprintable if that is actually representative of what your bed looks like. I'd suggest to try and actually measure if those results are correct. Do a paper test on each of those probe points and compare it to the results you get in the heightmap.

    Based on what you get, I'd recommend either switching the bed or fixing the probe.

  • 0_1543217700339_15432176388646820575109070747872.jpg I have done manual calibration. But I think effector tilt is behind this.! The offset of the probe is -30,-20 .

  • Oh it's a delta, OK so might not be the bed at all but the delta setup... But I dint know anywhere near about deltas to suggest what could cause it...

    Before throwing the bed away, you could also put glass on it... That might take up the slack on a warped bed... But if it is 1mm deviations, might need some silicon heat transfer pads in the low points.

  • @mangy_dog guess he is using a inductive sensor ...so then glass will not help

  • @yatinsd Make sure you are not probing at a location with a different metal, like steel mounting screws or steel underneath.

    I get that type of heightmap when probing near steel on my aluminum bed.

  • @alexlin yeah 😞

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